Alice Kellogg

Alice KelloggI was a Hispanic Studies minor at Wheaton. I took several language and literature classes in the department, but it was the Spanish Practicum Internship class I took in the spring of my junior year that influenced me the most. As part of this class, I completed a semester-long internship at the Even Start Family Literacy Center in Attleboro, where I worked with parents and their young children as they strove to learn English.

I loved Even Start so much that I spent my senior year volunteering there. My experience at Even Start lead me into AmeriCorps, through which I spent the most intense year of my life working with young children learning English in inner-city Providence. Now, nearly five years after my Wheaton commencement, I am teaching high school English as a Second Language west of Boston. While I’ve done many different things in my post-Wheaton years, there is a line that directly connects my Hispanic Studies classes to my current career.