Wheaton Film Festival Submission Fund

I am proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 Wheaton Film Festival Submission Fund. Supporting students’ professional goals is extremely important to Wheaton’s filmmaking program. This initiative will pay the application fees that film festivals charge, which can range anywhere from $10-$80. There are three award categories; a 10-festival award, a 5-festival award, and a 3-festival award.

I wish the winners luck as their films are reviewed by festivals and hope to see them on the big screen. -Patrick Johnson, Associate Professor of Filmmaking

Aguante by Dominick Torres ’20 – Winner 10 Festival Award

Aguante is a documentary about the Puerto Rican battle against gender-based violence. It is a story about the impact that machismo culture and a complex history of colonialism in Puerto Rico has had on generations of women. Aguante shows that while gender-based violence is seen in intimate partner relationships it is enabled by social conditions. But Aguante also tells another story: the island of Puerto Rico has a long history of women’s liberation movements.

The Last Dance by Maggie Chen ’21- Winner 10 Festival Award

A little girl who is mourning for her brother’s death but there is a surprise waiting for her.

Gender & Machismo by Allison Chaves ’21 – Winner 10 Festival Award

Puerto Rican professionals discuss domestic violence in Puerto Rico and how it is influenced by gender perspectives and machismo. In June 2019, I traveled to Puerto Rico with an anthropology class from Wheaton College. From the trip, I have created a documentary about one of the topics covered within the class – the influences of gender and machismo on domestic violence.

The Butcher’s Son by Megan Markotan ’21 – Winner 5 Festival Award

A small-town butcher, who despises his son’s dream to become a flutist, loses everything when his out-of-control anger takes over and makes him do the unthinkable.

Produced at the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and shot on 35mm film.

Ruth Takes a Bath by Lauren Fink ’21 – Winner 5 Festival Award

A young woman pursuing a career in acting practices for the play she’s auditioning for while her overbearing grandmother critiques her every move. Who will bring out the most emotion in her for the role is yet to be seen.

Produced at the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and shot on 35mm film.

Whiplash by Cole Sheerin ’23 – Winner 5 Festival Award

“Whiplash” follows the band Snidely Whiplash through the Boston club scene of the 90’s. The documentary details the rise and fall of the band and the events that surrounded them. “Whiplash” has been a passion project of mine, as my father is a former member of the band. The film also serves as a dedication to the late drummer of the band, John “Tonto” Taranto.