Introducing David Torres II

Visual Art and Film and New Media are excited to welcome David Torres II as a visiting Artist in Residence for the 2021-22 academic year. In the Fall 2021 semester, David will be teaching ART 260 Production I and ART 198 Digital Tools for Art and Design. He will also be working on the next chapter of his Sunkeepers universe. If you see him around campus, please say hello! 

Here’s a note from David……

Hey everyone, my name is David Torres. I am a media artist that works within drawing, painting, sculpture, and video animation! My work focuses on a clan of warriors known as Sunkeepers and their eternal battle with the Ash, a blight that has terrorized the land of Runetech since the beginning of time. This narrative, world, and the characters that inhabit it have been with me since I was 8 years old. When I am not working on media projects and being your everyday professor, you can usually catch me playing video games, watching anime, and rediscovering old media! Before you ask, yes I do go to comic cons, yes I do cosplay. One of the most important things to me as a professor is fostering a community amongst my students that facilitates discourse, growth, and risk taking! Looking back, having the ability to take risks while in college allowed me to gain the confidence in not only my artistic abilities but my voice as a creator. It is my goal to help each of you achieve this sense of freedom and community by the end of this semester. (despite what COVID has to say about that 😉 )