Scheduling for the Future

The newly-created Computer Science Club implemented an alternative to Wheaton’s course schedule this semester – Cascade.

Anthony Castellani, ’13, the Computer Science Club President says, “We wanted to offer students a more user-friendly option to the course schedule provided by Banner. Cascade allows users more search options, which we felt would be helpful.” While sitting in Tech Support during first semester, Castellani and Computer Science Club member Richard Neal ’15 began discussing the possibility of creating an alternative. Five months later, Cascade was launched.

Cascade allows users to look through courses by selecting Course Title, Department, Time of Day and more. It’s nicely formatted, and has been getting great feedback from the student body. Chris DeMolles, lead developer on the project, has been quickly implementing some of the ideas that students have posted on the Facebook page.

Interested in checking it out? If you’re on the Wheaton network, go to Enjoy!

If you’d like to give them feedback please visit their Facebook page.