Student Businesses Take Flight

This past Monday, students in Professor Donna Marchand’s Fundamentals of Business course presented their completed business plans to the campus in the Balfour Hood Atrium. Having spent a large portion of the semester working on developing their ideas, these models were the culmination of intense collaborative effort and creative thinking.

The goal of the course is to not only provide an overview and understanding of the major functions and activities of the business world, but to provide an opportunity for students to engage in self-exploration through the application of concepts learned.

These theoretical business’s reflect the application and integration of skills acquired over the course of the semester in conjunction with each team’s collective creativity and inspiration.

Students had two options. They could either come up with a business plan (product or service) that could easily be launched on campus at the end of the semester, they could propose a “global” business plan as a creative vision for the future.

Below are some examples of the models and their teams.