International Student Highlight: Kellia Karambizi

What is your name?
Kellia G. Karambizi

What is your major?
Biochemistry with a pre-med track

What is your country of origin?

What is your class year?

Can you tell us one interesting fact about your home country?
Rwanda is ranked to top ten for being among safe places in the world

What is the strangest thing you have noticed about US culture?
Americans eat a lot of cheese

How are you involved on campus?
Residential advisor in our one and only Living, Learning Community (LLC), member of the May fellows Program, Chemistry Research Associate, Public Relations officer for WASA, member of the French club and Women in Stem

What is your favorite food?
French fries

What is your favorite movie?
Black panther

What is your favorite place in the US?
DMV area (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia)

What do you miss about your home country?
Family, friends, climate and food

What do you like about Wheaton?
People at Wheaton are very nice and welcoming, friends that I have made and faculty and staff

What is your favorite place on campus to socialize?
Chase Dining hall

What do you want others to know about your home country/culture?
Rwanda is known as a country of a Thousand Hills and it’s is ranked 1st in the World for having highest percentage of Women in the parliament (61.3%)

What is one thing you have learned about the US since being here (cultural concerns, history, etc)?
America’s capital city (Washington D.C) is not a state.