Congratulations to our Watson Winners!

We have 2 Watson Winners this year–Iraimi Mercado and Adam Goldberg! 

Iraimi Mercado

The Power of People to Change Lives: An Exploration of the World’s YMCAs
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Senegal
As a Watson Fellow, I will explore the YMCAs in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Scotland and Senegal. I will enter the lives of those who seek out the varied services of the Y – learning through observations and conversation what the Y has given them: food, shelter, the will to survive. I would like to work together with YMCA staff and volunteers to discover each culture’s particular method of supporting and empowering youth, and by extension, the community. Having the opportunity to enter the lives of those who seek out the varied services of the Y will allow me to collect many different Y stories.
Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg

Buddhism Breathes: How Peace is Pursued in the Heart of Suffering
Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Thailand
Conflict can bring out the darkest aspects of humanity, invoking fear, anger and hatred. As a Watson Fellow, I will live and work alongside communities that are using Buddhism as a vehicle for social change. I will travel to Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia and Thailand to see how suffering can be transformed into healing and growth. Ultimately, I hope to learn how Buddhism takes different forms to address local needs, culture and understanding.