Building community through advocacy

Dear Students,

At Wheaton, we are dedicated to providing continued opportunities for engagement and programming in advocacy. Our goal is to foster a stronger sense of community because advocating for meaningful change can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone. We see you, we hear you, and we are working with you.

Recently, through a series of informal meetings, the president and members of the President’s Council gathered with students to discuss the significance of community engagement, educated activism, and civic duties. These discussions have emphasized our need to reimagine how we share our collective experiences and improve communication on campus. We discussed safety, the importance of free expression, and how Wheaton’s policies are designed to ensure both.  

Community engagement and activism are more than just participation; it is about being an informed and active community member. Being an educated activist means understanding the issues that matter to you in our community. It involves researching, listening to diverse perspectives, and engaging in thoughtful dialogue and strategic thinking. We encourage you to attend workshops, lectures, and discussions that will be available both in person and online throughout the fall semester to broaden your understanding and empower you to make informed decisions. Topics of interest we heard from students include conflict management, wellness for over-engaged students, and sharing experiences and resources learned by students abroad.

As members of the Wheaton community, we all have a role in contributing to the greater good. This includes voting this upcoming November, participating in local government, and staying informed about policies that affect us. By fulfilling our civic duties, we help ensure our community remains vibrant and democratic.

Effective communication is the foundation of a strong community. We are committed to improving our communication with each other, ensuring that every voice is heard, and fostering a culture of respect and understanding. We encourage you to engage in open dialogue with us and each other, provide feedback, and share your ideas on how we can continue to grow together. 

We thank the students who shared their leadership, experiences, and wisdom during these discussions. Your insights have been invaluable in elevating our thinking about our resources and services, and we are inspired by your dedication to making Wheaton a better place for all.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events and initiatives. We look forward to your active participation and collaboration.

Luis F. Paredes, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Institutional Equity and Belonging