New Course—WMST 098: Devising Theatre for Social Change

With the support of a grant from the United States Department of Justice, four Wheaton professors have committed to developing a play meant to broaden understanding of sex, sexuality, sexual misunderstanding, and violence against women on college and university campuses. As part of this work, Playwright-in-Residence Charlotte Meehan will offer a 1/2 credit course in spring 2013 to a group of students from across campus — preferably with no experience in theatre. The only requirement for entry into the course is a willingness to engage in honest discussion of the many ways sexual encounters play out and can go wrong in college. Sociodrama, a technique developed to engage in problem solving via theatrical improvisation, will be used to create material for the play. Fictional situations will be proposed and role play will be employed to ensure that no one is expected to divulge personal experiences. Discretion is as crucial to the success of this process as openness to participating in a non-judgmental atmosphere. The course will culminate in a five-page paper detailing individual perspectives on the process. Admission is by permission of instructor; each student interested will be interviewed.