Andy Osheroff ’11

Today, Andy Osheroff ’11 works for Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), a non-profit organization in downtown Boston. He told Professor Marcus Allen:

I was hired after graduation last year to work in the Energy Division, specifically as the LEAN Multi-family Program Assistant. The program provides energy retrofitting, at no cost, for low-income people living in public housing authorities, non-profits, CDCs, co-operatives, and, very recently, for-profits throughout Massachusetts at no cost to the client. My major role in the program is coordinating new projects and guiding them through our application process, though my daily activities often exceed that. I have learned a significant amount not only about the functioning of non-profits but also about how real, successful reduction in energy usage is accomplished.

Originally, I gained my interest for non-profits in an Urban Politics class at Wheaton. Dissatisfied with governmental institutions at the local level, I found that non-profits were a key to the advancement of the underprivileged in our communities. To end the semester I did a research project on ABCD and their effectiveness at helping the community of Boston. This project sparked my interest in the organization as well as a desire to contribute to the excellent work that they do.