Italy: The Extraordinary Common Place – A Talk from the Italian Consulate

Students from Italian and Hispanic Studies courses were treated to a talk from Dr. Domenico Teker, Director of Education Office at the Italian Consulate in Boston on Friday, October 21. Entitled “Italy: The Extraordinary Common Place”, Prof. Teker’s talk discussed external perceptions of Italy and its prominent positions in the worlds of art, wine, music, and fashion. He expanded this list to include Italy’s position at the cutting edge of numerous other fields, such as space engineering, biotechnology and medical research, just to name a few. Encouraging students to continue their study of Italian, Prof. Teker reported that Italian is the fourth most studied foreign language in the world. The talk was attended by students of all levels of Italian, including many students from the Basic Italian course.

Students attend presentation by representative of Consulate

The students and professors who attended the talk.