Hispanic Studies Students Attend The 2013 Nieman Fellows Dinner

“National Crises, Global Consequences: Covering the Economy in China, Europe and the U.S.”

Prof.Pérez, Melanie Collins, Gabrielle Ouellette, Ben Fagan and Prof. Fernández de Alba

The Harvard Club of Boston hosted a small group of Nieman fellows for an evening of discussion about their experiences, backgrounds and current projects. Ten Wheaton Students and Professor Pérez-Toribio and Professor Fernández de Alba were there.

For the past 75 years, the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard has educated journalism’s leaders and elevated the standards of the profession through special programs that convene scholars and experts in all fields. More than 1300 journalists from 92 countries have been awarded Nieman Fellowships since the foundation was established in 1938. Each year, accomplished and >promising journalists come together at Harvard for a year of study, seminars, and conferences.