FYI- Windows 10 and Wheaton College Owned Computers

FYI- Windows 10 and Wheaton College Owned Computers

Who: All Faculty and Staff using the Windows Operating System

What: Windows 10 Operating System

When: Late July 2015


As a reminder… the current standard supported operating systems for Windows computers on campus are Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. When we chose a standard it means that it has been researched and tested and we know that it works on our networks, with our file services (i.e. printing, email, netspace), and with all the other standard applications that we use.

Sometime in July, Microsoft will be releasing its new operating system Windows 10. You may get a notification in your system tray (located in the bottom right side of your computer) offering you the chance to upgrade it for free or at a discount. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER ON A COLLEGE OWNED COMPUTER. We have not been able to test it in our environment or with the many standard applications that we all use. As soon as we do and we accept Windows 10 as our new standard we will notify you.

To see what the features of Windows 10 are please visit:

As always if you have any questions please contact