Parker Tichko

Parker Tichko ’10. Researcher on Infant Music Cognition, Composer, Producer, Music Critic. Parker graduated from Wheaton College with a double concentration in music and psychology. In April 2011 he accepted a research position at the University of Las Vegas’ Auditory Cognition and Development lab where he will be studying infant music cognition. Recent research interests of the lab include parallels between music and language acquisition, music enculturation, and intermodal perception of music. As a composer and producer, he has produced several remixes for popular independent bands such as Metric, Here We Go Magic, and The Ting Tings in 2010. He scored film-maker Caitlin Stroud’s documentary on Argentinean graffiti entitled Me Meto and recently his composition, 1 Movement for String Quartet, was performed by the new-England based Aurea Ensemble at Wheaton College’s 2011 New Music Festival. Currently, he is completing a “four seasons” string quartet and a book of preludes for solo piano. He reviews popular music for Hybrid Online Magazine and writes obsessively about music cognition, music theory, and popular / classical music on his personal blog.